The Last Sinful Scripture

by codebllack

With this strange light of dawn

Drenching my face

I fell into a deep, deep amnesia;

Swam through the waves of my history

And I recalled you touching my face

Caressing my arms with mud and clay

While the specimens of Nur envied me

Yet, protected me in their emerald-fury wings

Maybe, all I wanted was

A kiss from your holy mouth

So why did you abandon me?

Threw me 500 years away into

A hypocratic blue

Where creatures walk on two limbs

And use words as weapons

They think something, speak something else

Yes this dawn is dispersing the night in me

I shall go on

I shall tell you how I looked for you

In buildings with minars, in buildings where they sing out to you

In verses that are in foreign tongue

Mystique soundbites

You ruthless spirit of blinding light!

Or whatever the crap you claim yourself to be

Where the fuck were you

When I searched your name

In vodoo books, magic spells

I’ve gone mad, and this is your fault!

But here you are staring down at my tear stained face

Guilt painted eyes

Are you laughing at my misery now?

You’re dissolving into clouds

But I can quite feel you’re here

Oh Lord, oh Lord

All these times when you were sleeping inside me

You let me call everything God but you

You let me look for needles to sw my ripped up soul

In vile men and flutes

So would you change the laws for the one

You once breathed life into

For the one you once protected

For the one you still love

For the one you still exist

Oh this satanic lullaby is eroding my flesh

Demons are crawling out of my ears and throat

Pull the curtains

Don’t let the sun turn me into ashes

For my insides already are

Take me in, take me in

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.