Here Is The Poem I’ll Never Give You

by codebllack

One two three, one two three

Your fingers drumming on the table

My nails clawing at the bench

We can almost feel the electricity

Birthing between our skin

That is yet not touching

There is a sediment of poems

Under my tongue

I want to speak, I want to speak

But my words bring you malaise

Maybe because I have never

Written you a poem

Have never showed you

How I can pleasure you with words

I want to have you, I want to have you

Oh you don’t know the meaning of words

The words you speak, and the words you don’t

They all mean the same

But let me swallow your tongue

With nouns and feeble pronouns

Let me bite your flesh

With verbs and adjective

Here is the language we could speak darling

You can sip on the lustful grammar

Pooling in the caverns of my collar bones