Quotes from an unwritten book, #1

by codebllack

And in that moment, I swear my bones caught a fever. The air in my lungs spun like a cyclone. The mere memory of your face pulled lunar tides in my blood. Every atom in my paralyzed body collided and re-collided and thrashed, screamed and begged. Because my love, in that moment there was not a single place on earth I wished to be but with you. Not to embrace you; not to make love to you even though my trembling parted lips thirstily craved a union. Oh, it would be a privilege to have my fingers trace your skin. But in that moment all I wanted was to see you. I felt safer just by breathing your scent in, so familiar, so sheltered, and to have your name on my lips which tasted much sweeter than the ambrosia flowing beneath God’s feet.