Quotes from an unwritten book, #2

by codebllack

“Do you see that?” She pointed at the morning sky.

“An eagle.” I murmured.

It was patrolling the cloud-kissed pale sky like it owned all of it. The edges of its golden feathers caught the sunlight and glowed like a kindled match-head; ready to set itself on fire any moment it would swoop down on its prey. I knew it felt braver than what the fiery sun itself felt in the sky. There was not a thing that terrified it, not even the vastness of the unpromising azure. Everything and everything else was smaller before its eyes. It must have felt Godlike. It was free and I was looking at it through a prisoner’s eyes, bound at every limb with shackles of emotions I was no longer familiar with.

“Yes, an eagle.” She whispered, while fiddling with strands of my brown hair that caught drops of sunlight too. “And you could be just like it, if only you let him go.