Quotes from an unwritten book, #3

by codebllack

– “The most overwhelming emotion you induce in me is anger. Even love is second in line.”

– “Anger is my most favourite emotion, maybe that’s why.”

Let me tell you something darling. As much as I’ve imagined kissing you, I have also wished pain upon you. Pain that would succeed reaching beyond your endurance. There are three veins that show on the back of your hands. I’ve wanted to slit them open and bleed you dry, sometimes. I’ve wished you death. I’ve wished you oblivion.

However, despite the universe and despite myself, I’ve loved you more than you could ever be hated by the world. I’ve loved you to the point of pain, to the point of regret and to the point of hatred. I’m letting my anger crawl out of my mouth and pile into indestructible walls around you. Walls which those pretty women in high heels cannot climb. Walls that won’t fall before any women who would roughly whisper Behemoth to you.

Janet Fitch had said that it was only natural to want to destroy something you could never have. That’s why now I desire to destroy you. Because most people don’t know how to love fragments, smithereens, incomplete things.

I’m breeding you in my hatred. This is where you begin anew from. In new shape, in new form. I’ve told you that no measure of distance will diminish my heights of irrevocable love for you. I’m still in love with you, in my hidden hatred.

Oh gentleman, if I can’t own you then you simply shouldn’t exist.