Sexual hallucination

by codebllack

Twirl a glass around and smile at me

There are moon-bits that reflect off your tooth

They crystallize my blood

And my blood cells are no longer red rose petals

Floating on my plasma

My veins are now branching into howls

This dawn, God pressed a fresh kiss

On my stale mouth

And chimed because you look at me

Like Adam looked at Eve when they realized-

They were naked and in love

Baby our very anatomy is the story of

How we fell from grace

Oh now here you are pulling on my hair

And my legs closer to you

So kiss me like you’re swallowing the ocean

Like your windpipe is the Antarctic

And you’re drinking the lava off my lips

To keep yourself alive

Feel me stretching out underneath you

Like the amnesia widening in our minds

Give me a touch that would make God envy

Not being a human

Make me forget the sun

Let his name dissolve under my tongue

And leave the guilt as you go away

Tell me I can slit your bones open

And your yolk scrambles on my skin

I am sixty percent water

And one day I will finally burn out the fire

He started in me