Quotes from an unwritten book #4

by codebllack

Last night she lay like a half-moon, as her spine curved and knees rolled up like the corners of her favorite book. She lay with her heart-beats drumming at her throat, echoing through her eyes, her bones, while the fog pressed itself against her windows veiling her from the city full of possibilities.

She’d said, “I think, I’m in love with you.” , and bit her lips. And for the moment time evaporated from the mind of hers consumed by an abyss that never cleared. She recalled how, earlier that day the man who she so loved had finally confessed his emotions; she recalled how much she had longed for those words to be uttered. But tonight none of that mattered.

Tonight all that mattered was the one who she’d desperately and hopelessly fallen for; the one who she could never have. She thought it foolish of her to let her walls down. Because tonight, it was the same story all over again.

So she lay and waited; waited for the moon to disappear into the shadows.