Chasing the high

by codebllack

After all, there were many things we could lose in a day. Within the blink of an eye. Instantaneously. And the list is insanely long. Everyone has something to lose to the void. Even the ones who say they don’t. So what is it that keeps us from going crazy when we lose it all? What is it that keeps us together at all?
Is it addiction? Art, habits or passion? We’re all searching for something we can pour our hearts into. Something that will slice open our hearts and let our stories drip down like yolk. Trickle down like blood from the end of a scalpel.

But at the end of a day, we realize it’s the high we’re chasing. It’s the rush, the thrill, the surge – like pulses in our veins. Our pure animal instincts compell us to scratch, crawl, tear at every stone and flesh till we find our high. We put the last of our belongings on stake and go for the high. So here’s the science behind this primordial human behavior. We chase the high because something inside us is hurting. And if it’s hurting then it means we still have something to lose.