Route to success

by codebllack

So many people out there don’t believe in themselves. And nothing is more tragic and devastating than that. Some of them are even ready to believe in God, an entity they have never seen but not in themselves. They take every step of their life’s journey with scared little feet and if they land safe, they feel relieved.

But no, to be successful every step you take should inspire you to take the next with a firmer grip. Equip yourself with knowledge, experience, will power and motivation and you will never feel the need to be scared anymore. Make love to the uncertainty and you will have won the war by half. Take each step like you own the land you’re trodding on. Carry a ladder so each time you fall, you climb back up. Success is not about preventing the fall. It’s about crashing down and crawling towards your goal so when you reach your destination and stand up straight, you will feel like a God.

This world may not be a wish granting factory but my dear, your brain is the manufacturer of every dream you’ve spewed inside it. So nurture the production everyday with will power, a firm and strong mindset, and a clear vision. Confidence is your life’s force.

And if you feel small, and everyone else around you intimidates you, then remember our Milky way is one of tiniest galaxy in this cosmos. Yet very other mighty ones stare at it with flaming eyes of envy because of the simple complexity it was built with. So build your own sun, your own fire and spark out flames big enough to consume the castles of the people who told you can’t do it.

Aim it, chase it, win it.