Hi, I’m a woman

by codebllack

Hi, I’m a woman

Which means as I grow up

I’ll be the caged part of a society

Where in the name of protecting me

They will slowly strip me off

Of my choices, freedom, humility

And clothes


Hi, I’m a woman

Which means there will be many federal and social laws

About how we should clothe, how we should carry ourselves

And very few against the abuses done to us


Hi, I’m a woman

And it means that I could be an engineer, a doctor

Or a social worker

But my full-time job will be

To marry the man my parents deemed fit, serve him and his family

And raise his children


Hi, I’m a woman

So if I stain myself with menstrual blood in public

People will be disgusted by my anatomy

But my geometry excites them so much

They can’t wait to call my curves a cosine graph

So if I’m raped and murdered and my body is dumped in a bin

It’s because I “deserved” it


Hi, I’m a woman

Which means it doesn’t matter

If I was the valedictorian, or a football champion

Or an art festival winner

I will be judged by my skin tone, hair color and symmetric cheekbone


Hi, I’m a woman and

Just when another is born from me

She will be despised for it