by codebllack

Bunny girl woke up to a beautiful morning and two fountain pens. They were gifted by her grandmother.
Bunny girl brushed and set out to meet a friend. He had blue teeth, and iron hands and he looked like a guy from the TV.
Sipping on his coffee, he asked her, “What was it like to be eighteen?”
Bunny girl told him it was blissful, confusing and painful at the same time. And she told him about the one who made it bearable. Worthy of living.
Bunny girl came back home at 7 pm.
Lying alone, she thought
The blue toothed friend could’ve been him and the poems she wrote in 6 years could’ve been their children.
Bunny girl took out her fountain pens
And in perfect cursive she wrote a letter of three apologies:
For living, loving and dying.