I testify that there is no God but Allah

by codebllack

When I’ll meet you, will you remind me of the times I cried myself to sleep, the times I hurt endlessly and begged for death? Will you tell me that you were there kissing my wounds and whispered “I’m here, I will always be here” into my ears even when I couldn’t hear you?

When I’ll meet you, will you remember the times I looked for you among the drapes of clouds, the crowns of mountains and the shards of light and smiled and told you that I love you more than anything?

When I’ll meet you, will you assure me that you remember exactly how I felt the first time I saw a sky covered in stars, or the first time I drove through an abandoned highway or the first time I did anything fierce and beautiful? Will you tell me that you know how I feel without the need of me putting it into words?

When I meet you, will you walk me through my life, through my ups and downs, through my roughs and easy and tell me you’re proud of who I’ve become? Will you tell me that as you shaped my being you smiled as you knew I’ll be someone great and that you love more than my mother, my father, more than anyone in this world because damn the love I have searched all my life isn’t something a mortal could give me. Because wedding vows end when they say “till death do us part”. Because death is what brings me closer to you.

Dear God, when you’ll lift your veil and I will see your face for the first time and you will fill me with your light, will I feel whole again?