by codebllack

​As Carl Sagan once said, 

I’m a pale blue dot on the shores of cosmic ocean. 
I am embedded somewhere in the corner of the galactic pleats of Hera’s dress, among galaxies greater than all the sand grains inside my mouth. 
I am veiled with a blue scarf that somehow sustains life. My flesh rich with platinum, carbon, titanium. My core manufacturing diamonds. Humans stretched across my chest, colonized and made arts. Then they grew tails of fire, swam through my skin, bubbled through space looking for alikes. 
On a cosmic scale, I’m as good as insignificant. With the moon controlling my waters and politics controlling my sands. But each day life is cultivating love inside me. 
I am where they have named the gods and constellations. I am where they have felt, read, walked and watched. I am where life came alive. I am where they have conquered and created. I am where they have loved and destroyed. 

I am a pale blue dot on the grand cosmic canvas. I am Earth. I am home. I am where all the magic happens.