In the Womb of God 

by codebllack

Our palms are engraved with the predictions of planetary movements, that makes palmistry possible. Yes we literally have the universe in the palm of our hands. A pair we simply use to caress a love most of us will never find. The Radii Solaris in our iris resemble the perfect sun and that is how it got its name. We are made in the image of Him and everything He has created. We have wondered and wondered and tried and tried to know, see, travel and feel everything and more beyond our skin. Beyond our senses. In search of something we always ended up finding within us and in each other. Moving through the universe at 515000 km/hr we are wed to gravity. Suspended as a Fibonacci circle, a Golden ratio of evolutionary miracle, sprinkled like glitters on an empty space. Tied by love instead of umbilical cord. We are slipping through His fingers but still surrounded by Him. Constantly creating while at the same time being created, every second. Evolving into an incredible species capable of beauty and nightmares. 

Did we believe there was a life beyond our mother’s womb while we slept? Do we believe there’s a life beyond this, now?